About Us

MySHOP2u, user friendly online mart comes with shopping cart tools and features that are primarily intended for small and medium-sized businesses. Our e-commerce platform makes it simple for users with little technical knowledge and expertise to build a small yet very functional online store. Other features that make this platform a good option for small business include easy Setup Wizard, Digital Coupons, Associates, Promos and Inventory Tracking. MySHOP2u efficiently manages tracking items, sales reports, staff logs and monitoring smallest activity by customers.
Some of our excellent features are: 

  1. Cloud based System, no upfront purchase, only pay subscription
  2. Support Unlimited Product
  3. Run on your own Domain Name
  4. Support Multi-Languages/ Currencies / Shipping Zones
  5. Support Promotion price and Discount Coupon Code
  6. Integrated with SMS Alert (need to purchase sms credit)
  7. Product feedback and newsletter subscription
  8. Payment gateway integration
  9. CMS website for easy updating of FAQ, About Us and Other website contents
  10. Email hosting under your domain name is included in the package
  11. Inclusive of 10GB total disk space
  12. Support digital product download
  13. Fully CMS website and support youtube video

Be a online shopping entreprenuer within minutes...